EDG Versus

EDG Vs. Tier 1 Consulting Firms

Price – Deployment Time – Simplicity

EDG Versus...
Big consultancies are operationally hungry and seek lengthy engagements. Large suppliers also cannot overcome their issues of utilisation targets. They use tiered suppliers to find contractors, badge them and apply markup rates. We supply from a leaner model, removing several cost layers.

EDG Vs. Specialist Consulting Suppliers

Speed – Reliability – Price

Mid-market consultants cannot deliver against fast-scaling or ramping projects. They apply the same traditional practice model, so the same mark-ups apply.

EDG Vs. Recruiters

Knowledge – Guarantee – Management

We operate with cutting edge project teams in rapidly changing environments. We understand the landscape and the end customer. EDG adds much more in value than typical IT recruiters. We commit to deliverables and timescales for our clients.